Advanced Blasting Technology Inc Surefire Shock Tubing Exploder
Surefire: A Reliable Way of Initiating Shock Tubing

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Existing methods of initiation rely upon explosive primer systems which are often unreliable and inconvenient to use. The Surefire Exploder generates a discharge right inside the shock tube, initiating with great reliability.

When in use, the open end of the shock tube lead-in line is inserted into the initiation tip of the unit with the central electrode inserted into the shock tube.

To fire, the firing button should be held down for three seconds and on release, the shot will fire.

• High Reliability
• Low Consumables - No Primers - thousands of shots on one small alkali battery
• No Clouds of Lead and No Ejection of High Velocity Particles
• Comfortable Pocket Size and Very Light Weight
• Comes Complete with Case
• Conforms to Military Specifications
• Extremely Durable

* Output: .4 Joules @ 2200 volts requires 9 volt battery

ABTI Surefire