Advanced Blasting Technology Inc Surefire Shock Tubing Exploder
Surefire: A Reliable Way of Initiating Shock Tubing

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Surefire Exploder Temperature Testing:

The Surefire Exploder’s performance surpassed the requested MIL-STD-810G 501.5
High Temperature and 502.5 Low Temperature +43C (109.4°F) and -32C (26.6°F).

Shock Tube test with 48°c 120°f and -40°c -40°f Surefire units


Shock Tube Initiation “Pass”

Shock Tube Initiation Pass

No performance issues were found at low temperature -40°C -40°F, with 15-hour soak times or the high temperature 48°C 120°F at 17-hour soak times. The Exploder charged and fired the shock tube as designed (image above).

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